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Various components make up the Truline Clear and Straight Clear aligner system, software, hardware, services and support. However you have the choice of how you want to work with the system and you can choose the components you want via our packages. Also components can be purchased separately at any time to enhance your system.

It's your choice, with this option we help you get started.

Send us intra Oral Scans or PVS Impressions and firstly we will help you  asses the case for suitability for Truline Clear and Straight Aligners.

Next we take the digitised information and digitally seperate and move the teeth and create a virtual setup to your exact prescription and send you the file to asses.

On approval we will digitally create the sequence of optimised models and send them to you electronically ready for you to perfectly print on your Uniz Dental Pro 3D Printer.

Maestro Ortho Studio Software is the premiere professional software package for aligner production. It's ease of use and features outperform all others. Many professional aligner companies use Maestro Ortho Studio as their software of choice for aligner production.

Features include:

     •     automatic teeth segmentation

     •     evaluation of contacts and intersections during tooth movement

     •     attachement library and design your own

     •     editing of custom attachments (positive or negative)

     •     editing of 3D labels (positive or negative)

     •     IPR – Interproximal reduction

     •     editing through multiple views

     •     realtime animation of virtual setup

     •     export / share of virtual setup projects

     •     export of digital sequential models

     •     optional Bracket placement module available

Maestro Ortho Studio

Meshmixer is a great free tool for repairing and cleaning digital dental files and getting them ready for CAD design and 3D printing. Intra oral scans and lab scans can be expertly prepared to make your life very easy when using them for production of TRULINE Clear and Straight Aligners.

For the purpose of aligner manufacturing Meshmixer's uses include:

  •     Trim artefacts from Intra Oral Scans

  •     Repair scan meshes and prepare for 3D printing

  •     Create bases on models

  •     Sculpt scan surfaces

  •     Hole filling

  •     Create bases on models

  •     Hollowing models

  •     Measurements

NOTE : We offer no training or support for this software other than the videos on our website.


The most efficient desktop 3D printer in it’s class!

Models in less than 30 minutes.

Blue Sky Ortho is a great entry level software package to get you started with Truline Clear and Straight Aligners.

Featuring a set of good basic tools to allow you to create virtual setups , add attachments and finally output files ready to print on your UNIZ dental Pro 3D printer

Training for this software is available separately from us if the software is not included as part of a Truline Clear and Straight Clear Aligner System package.

NOTE: This software is a pay as you go software, exporting files for aligner case involves a small charge. However it is invaluable software for easily preparing models for 3D printing. Some features are 100% free to use. There may be a small upfront charge for the software to access the free features.



The most efficient desktop 3D printer in it’s class!

Models in less than 30 minutes.

After searching worldwide for a suitable printer we chose the Uniz Dental Pro 3D printer over all others for the Truline Clear and Straight System. The features of the Uniz 3D printer are unmatched and ideal for an inhouse aligner system. Features include:

  •     Print 6 or more models in 20-30 minutes

  •     Easy Auto Calibration

  •     Patented LED Array LCD mask technology

  •     No Mess cartridge material system

  •     One touch operation

  •     Software suitable for Windows or Apple Macintosh

  •     Stainless Steel carbon fibre working parts construction

  •     Easy Setup out of the box

  •     Portable

  •     Low maintenance and  running costs

  •     Automatic Pump System

  •     Constant performance

  •     Affordable

The perfect affordable, reliable fully automatic thermoforming machine available on the market. Just load an aligner blank and model and press start, walk away and the machine does the rest auttomatically.

State of the art Vac Forming not to be confused with cheap noisy old school vac formers, completely different concept and engineering.

No compressor needed, silent operation fully automatic !

The correct foil for the perfect aligner. Crystal clear, strong and durable with enough memory to gently move teeth to their optimal position. We have found this aligner material to have all the properties suitable for quality aligner manufacture. Available in 120 and 125mm round and 125 Square.

Great for cleaning printed models prior to aligner fabrication. 2-5 mins is all that is required. Fill a container with isopropyl alcohol and use this ultrasonic cleaner for perfectly cleaned models.

Post light processing is optional with the Uniz 3D printer but may be useful in some cases.This light box offers an affordable curing light perfect for post curing models prior to aligner manufacture.

Promotional licence for  Clear and Straight includes hi rez electronic logo files for you to use on your website and access to other promotional material. Also you will be added to the patient website as a providor.

Promotions license are only valid if all consumable materials are purchased on anongoing basis from our online store.


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