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Clear and Straight technology allows greater effective movement per aligner, greater movement means less aligners, less aligners means a less expensive and more efficient aligner system.

Aligner will fit in place. It is common that the aligner will need final seating with Aligner Chewies. (See Chewies section)

Push gently with fingers to seat aligner.

Position aligner to fit over teeth.

Do the same to the other side and the aligner with dislodge. Over time the aligner will be easier to insert and remove and you will be able to do this without the tool and just use their fingernails.

Hook the tool onto the aligner at the back teeth and apply a small amount of pressure. The aligner will unclip from that side.

This is the aligner removal tool.

It has a hook at one end for upper aligners. and a bar at the other for use with lower aligners.

Fitting Clear and Straight Aligners

Removing Clear and Straight Aligners


Information About Aligner Chewies

Through research it has been found it’s most important to use the Aligner Chewies as instructed to help make sure aligners seat well. This is done in the first few days each new aligner in the sequence is fitted.

If aligners don’t seat well the length of treatment could be increased due to ill fitting aligners.

If you need more aligner chewies please contact your  issuing Truline Dentist.


Using Aligner Chewies is easy. Patient to insert aligners and then bite down on the Aligner Chewie starting at the back teeth and working their way all around the dental arch. They do this for a few minutes per day especially the first few days after changing aligners.

Just use gentle force to ease the aligner into place, do not use excessive force as the aligner may be damaged.

Using Aligner Chewies

You will receive a pack of Aligner Chewies when you receive your first aligners.They are small round rolls of Non Toxic  soft plastic and are used to help seat aligners. They are commonly white but come in other colours as well.

Clear and Straight Aligners are maticulously manufactured in Australia. Each aligner is a combination of the latest proprietary 3D design, highest quality medical grade polymers and cutting edge high instant heat and pressure thermoforming technology. This produces:

          ★ Clear aligners that are hardly detectible.

          ★ Inbuilt maximum movement per aligner meaning more efficient and more         

          economical aligners.

          ★ Intimate fit, smooth edges.

          ★ Moulded Identification in every aligner.

About Clear and Straight Aligners

Genuine Clear and Straight Aligners are made with patented Go Flex material

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